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You're looking for teaching resources and you've ended up here, which probably means you want to know a little bit more about it all before committing yourself. That's no problem - we understand and want to make this as smooth, enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Please have a read of the following information, which hopefully covers some of the most common questions we receive.

Where do the teaching resources come from?

The teaching and classroom resources that you see on Help Me Teach are mostly provided by teachers from across the UK. They have used their time and expertise to create meaningful, relevant and targeted resources for use in their classes and now Help Me Teach provides a way for them to share their work and make a little extra money in the process.

Adding resources to our website is very easy, which means that this service appeals to a wide range of teachers from different grades and schools and across the many subject areas currently being taught in our education system. This helps to ensure that our coverage is complete and that there is plenty of choice for our customers.

Are you able to contribute?
We are always looking for new teaching resources, especially if they are from one of our lighter-served subject areas. If you think you can help, click here to learn about selling resources.

How good are the teaching resources?

There's no point in having lots of teaching resources available for download if they're not very good, so we utilise two way of ensuring the quality remains high.

1. All resources are checked for quality before becoming publicly-available.
When a new resource is added, we check the submission for suitability, accuracy and quality and only when it has been manually approved will it be available for purchase. This ensures that we catch any mistakes or inaccuracies prior to anyone purchasing the resource and also gives us an opportunity to request improvements from the author.

2. All resources can be reviewed and rated by those who have purchased it.
Is there a better way of grading the resources than by the feedback of those who have purchased and used them? When a resource has been purchased, the buyer can then provide feedback and a star-rating to the author.


The feedback is collated to give the resource a rating, which is shown as one-to-five stars on the detail and search result pages. Five is great; one is not-so-great.

Are you able to contribute?
We are always looking for new teaching resources, especially if they are from one of our lighter-served subject areas. If you think you can help, click here to learn about selling resources.

How do I pay for resources? Can my school make payment?

Purchasing teaching resources from Help Me Teach is very similar to buying things from your favourite online stores. Once you have some resources in your basket, you will need to checkout and complete payment before they are available to download and use. Payment can be made in two ways:

Credit Card

1. Instant payment by credit card
Simply input your credit card details, as you would with any other online shop, and complete the payment. You can use either your own credit card or one belonging to your school or educational establishment. All payments are fully secure and your purchased items will be immediately available for download.

School Invoice

2. Deferred payment by school invoice
If your school is registered on our system, you may also pay by deferred school invoice. With this method, no payment is taken when you checkout. Instead, we will invoice your school for the amount at a later date and they will then be able to pay this directly. No credit card is needed for this option and the purchased resources will be immediately available for download.

Purchased resources are available for immediate download
Once you have purchased resources, they are available immediately, which means that you can download and use them straight away. No waiting around for the postman or for someone to send you the files, so you can get on with preparing for your class.

How do I find the resource I'm looking for?

Searching our database for the perfect resource is straightforward and easy. Choosing Find Resources from the top menu will take you into our resources catalogue and, from there, you can browse through a combination of subjects, grades, exam boards and other search tools. For example, if you are looking for GCSE English, simply choose 'GCSE', then 'English' and we'll show you all of the matches.

In addition to these broad subject areas, we also cater for specific grades and courses, so you can look for a resource that exactly matches the subject you are teaching. Mathematics, for example, has a number of different names at different levels. Looking for GCSE Mathematics A? No problem, we've got that listed.

Subject and grade references are set up by the author when they add a resource, which is great because they should know best!

It is also possible for you to search our database for specific words and phrases. Simply enter your phrase into the search box at the top of every page and you will be shown all matching resources. Add them to your basket and away you go!

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