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If you've got some teaching resources that you would like to share with other teachers or make money from, then Help Me Teach can help you reach a wider audience. You've probably ended up here because you're interested in selling some teaching resources, but want to know a bit more about it, before committing. Please have a read of the following information, which hopefully covers some of the most common questions we receive.

How do I know if I have any resources worth sharing?

If you are interesting in selling teaching resources on Help Me Teach, the first step is deciding whether you have anything suitable for the site. We are specifically looking for:

1. Resources that have been written and produced by yourself. You are only permitted to share your own resources or resources for which you have the copyright or authorisation to sell.

2. Resources that you think other teachers will benefit from and will want to use in their classes.

3. Resources that are well-produced and accurate in relation to the subject area, grade or exam board for which they are used.

4. Resources that you know well and are able to describe and provide guidance for.

If you have resources that meet this criteria, we invite you to share them on this website, either as a free gesture or to earn some money for your work.

Add a Resource

How do I add my resource to the site? How easy is it?

Add your teaching resources to Help Me Teach is very simple and the whole process has been designed to be quick and painless. There are a number of key things to consider when adding a resource:

1. We will automatically create image previews of your documents
When you upload a supported file (usually Word, Excel, PDF or image), we will automatically generate a preview of each page, which can then be used to show customers what the resource looks like before they buy it. This will increase the likelihood of them completing a purchase. The previews are all watermarked across the middle, so will be fairly useless to anyone wanting to save them without paying.

2. You will be able to set up specific subject, grade and exam board references
Whether your resource is useful for a broad subject, such as English, or something more specific, such as GCSE English Literature (AQA Only), you will be able to set up a reference to it for your resource. This means that any customers looking for that exact combination will be able to find your resource quickly and easily. You are encouraged to set up multiple references in this way.

3. You will set the price.
You know what your resource is worth more than anyone else, so you can choose the price for it. It is also possible to provide free resources and we encourage contributors to consider this approach if they have several different listings.

4. Take your time to make things more complete.
It's possible for you to get through the process in just a couple of minutes, but, as with most things, you will benefit from spending a little bit of extra time to make things nicer. Customers are more likely to purchase a well-described and represented resource.

What can I do after my resource is added?
Once you have added your resource, you are able to change any aspect of it by logging into your Help Me Teach account. You will also be able to see how well your resources are selling, add more listings or purchase other resources on the site.

Add a Resource

How do I earn money and how much will I be paid?

Once your resource has been added to Help Me Teach, you will earn commission every time it sells (except free resources, obviously). Your payment is calculated as a percentage of the sale price, so a 40% commission on a £100 sale will be £40 in your pocket each and every time someone buys the resource. Sell it 50 times and you'll be rich!

Getting the money to you
When someone buys a resource, Help Me Teach will take and process the payment on your behalf, so you don't need to worry about transferring money or handling card details, PayPal logins etc. We need to allow some time for any refunds or problems, but, once that period has elapsed, we will total up your earnings and transfer the money to your bank account. You will be able to see your earnings when you log into the site, so you know what payments will be heading your way.

Special Offer: 80% commission!
If you sign up and get your first resource online now, you will be eligible to receive our special introductory offer of 80% commission on all sales. This will only be available for a short time, so get your first resource on today and secure this rate for all future contributions, too.

You can also add FREE resources
It's not always about the money and you may just wish to help out your fellow teachers for free. As such, you are able - and encouraged - to offer your resources on Help Me Teach for free, which means that they will be freely available to anyone that wants them. You won't earn any money, but you will experience the warm glow inside that comes from helping others!

Add a Resource

How can I maximise my income from Help Me Teach?

Customers will respond well to comprehensive and detailed resource listings and are more likely to purchase resources that are detailed and informative. In the first instance, you should particularly take care to:

  1. Provide previews or sample/demo versions of each file you upload (previews are automatically-created).
  2. Write a detailed and full description of your resource, taking care to address any questions that may be asked.
  3. Make sure that all subjects, grades and exam boards are referenced correctly, as this will help customers to find your resource. Try to add as many references as possible, without saturating your listing with irrelevant combinations.
  4. Choose a suitable image for display on the search results page.
  5. Set a sensible and realistic price.

Completing these tasks will make your resource more attractive to potential buyers and will ensure that it's easier to find, too.

Put your name to your resource
We encourage you to be proud of your teaching resources and to show your name and details alongside your listings. If you have several high-quality resources, you may find that other teachers will actively look for your other contributions. Of course, it's also possible to hide your name, should you wish to remain anonymous.

What we do for your resource
We will also do our bit to increase the likelihood of your resource selling and the first stage of this is checking the contents of your listing before allowing it on the site. As part of this, we will usually make a quick check of the resource and the details you have entered, together with the price, and ascertain whether any improvements can be made. Most resources will be approved straight away, but some may require small changes, for instance, to the price or references. This process is informative and helpful for you and enables us to maintain a high standard of work across the site, which, in turn, improves customer confidence. If customers are happy, they are more likely to purchase your resource!

Add a Resource
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